Heaven, Hell and High School

Heaven, Hell and High School

Comparing Heaven, Hell and High School.


We humans often imagine what Heaven would look like. Is it a kingdom hidden in the clouds? Is it in a dreamy land where dinosaurs and dragons still roam proudly? Or is it what we want it to be, purely made out of our desires and imagination? No living being knows. You must have died to see it. But not all that pass away get to see it. The ones that oppose God might be taken to a place known as the Home of the Devil.


Are you scared of the Devil? Or are you scared of his Home: Hell? We imagine Hell to be fiery and evil. But it is nothing compared to the heart of the Devil. Pitiless and evil as he is, the Devil was once an angel living in Heaven. But how did he end up in Hell? Well, he chose to try to make himself more powerful than even God himself! He was cast from Heaven and from then on, he was known as the Devil. He chose Hell as his home and named God his enemy.

High School

Although it is just an innocent stage in life, many teenagers call it worse than Hell! How wrong they are! After they graduate from it, the only way they can find their way through life is to use the knowledge that they had learnt from High School. Without it, they would be hopeless. You see how important it is? Yes, sometimes it is boring, but overall, it will lead you to live a very happy life. As you can see, nowhere near being like Hell.

How do they relate to each other?

In a way, Heaven is connected to Hell. Yes, we should fear Hell and the Devil. But we need both Heaven and Hell because without Hell, oh what a boring life we would live! No news and nothing interesting in our lives! But how do they relate to High School? They don’t! Actually, they do, but the similarities are simply too small to consider similarities! Then why was it included in this article if it had nothing to do with Heaven or Hell? This article was written simply to show how much teenagers compare it to Hell! A lot of students would say something like:

“Well, high school burns up all the time that I could have been doing something fun. And Hell is full of fire which burns at your soul!”

If you think about it, if you pay attention in high school, you will be happy in the long term!

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